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This year, 2019, we are in partnership with RAM foundation, to embark on a nationwide Menstrual Hygiene Tour (MHT). The tour is geared towards engaging students (boys and girls) and the community in general on Menstrual and Reproductive Health Education. Our aim throughout this project is to teach best practices in order to maintain optimum health during the monthly menstrual cycle and to do away with shyness as a result of bleeding. We will also be giving away free sanitary pads to the students and other girls in the community during the course of this project.




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Few hospitals in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana were full of smiles last week Thursday when a team of benevolent citizens paid surprise visits to them.

On the 23rd of August 2018, Managing Director and Co-Founder of CLITH NGO, Mr Eugene E. Tornyeavah joined a family of concerned philanthropists lead by Mrs. Akweley Plahar to visit 6 hospitals at random in the national capital and the harbour city of Ghana. They made it to both small and big facilities, as well as private and public owned health institutions who continue to brace the odds to deliver health service par excellence to the people of Ghana.

#Jerry4Library project is an ongoing family cum community library project spear headed by Mrs Akweley Plahar to boost reading culture in children in rural communities. As part of efforts to build this project, Mrs Plahar who was until recently a civil service diplomatic staff stationed in Ghana’s High Commission in India; called for support from friends, co-workers, family and civil society in the Diaspora to donate used books and reading materials.

In conversation with Administrators and Directors of the receiving institutions, Mrs Akweley Plahar and her twin sister Akuorkor cautioned the institutions to use the equipment and medical consumables to the benefit of people and not sell them or keep them in stores where they will gather dust. Among the items donated were wheel chairs, drip stands, medical consumables such as packs of cotton pads, gauze packs, infusion sets, boxes of syringes and needles, IV catheters and boxes of hand gloves. Hospitals and Clinics who benefited from the first round of the donation exercise included Oak Street Clinic and Laboratory in Teshie, LEKMA Hospital in Teshie, Family Health Hospital in Teshie, Tema General Hospital, New Crystal Hospital in Tema and Tema Polyclinic.

The receiving institutions were very happy with the surprise donations with most of them expressing how much it was an answered prayer to their call and desire for workable medical equipment to augment their lack and inadequate ones. On Facebook, many health workers expressed desire and need for some of those equipment to reach their doorsteps because they all lack them. Several requests were received from Hospitals in Winneba, Cape coast, Keta, Sogakope, Akatsi, Ada, Adaklu, Agbozume etc. Grievous of all was calls from Nkwanta South Hospital in northern Volta.

The team intends to make another surprise visit to the Volta region this week to donate the rest of the medical equipment in stock. It is worthy to note that purchase of these medical equipment and consumables was funded by two Ghanaian consuls in Mumbai and Kolkata, three astute Indian companies and some wonderful Ghanaians including the Managing Director of CLITH NGO who contribute Made-In-Ghana products which were sold in India and proceeds used to purchase the equipment. These were wonderfully purchased, shipped in and cleared by Mrs Plahar at a great cost. One would expect government to supply these things at ease to health institutions in the country, but that is seen only when we get lucky or elections loom. Government even took a step further to tax the philanthropists who made efforts to bring them in.

“CLITH NGO intends to reach out to Civil Society, individual donors and willing people to help raise funds to renovate, restock and refurbish some primary health delivery centers across rural Ghana starting with Nkwanta South Municipal hospital.” Says Dr Stephen Akiti, Board chairman of CLITH NGO.







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On the 2nd of September, 2016, last year at the invitation of opinion leaders of the community, CLITH championed a mobile clinic In Ehie, Agbozume in the Volta Region of Ghana to commence the “GALI” festival. Natives of all ages, young and old; male and female alike were carefully screened individually, diagnosed and treated of various health conditions. The reception was warm and cordial , it is for this reason that we are excited to return there this year, on the 23rd of September, 2017. Regardless of your age, status or location, CLITH intends to extend QUALITY HEALTH CARE. Do well to join the moving Train

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Regardless of your age, race or gender, regular exercise is one important aspect of health that should not be taken for granted. Regular exercise is known to: control weight, help improve certain health conditions, help relaxation, help boost confidence and generally help improve health. Basically, regular exercise serves as a means of improving and living a healthy and comfortable life.

It is common for people to struggle with their weight; it maybe as a result of the consumption of certain food or lifestyle or probably as a results of certain genes. To a large extent, regular exercise can be helpful in controlling the weight gained through these processes. Regular exercise can be very helpful in burning calories; which in turn helps put your weight in check. The exercise you need to engage in to notice effective results, does not have to be strenuous. Simple activities that can be engaged in regularly, can also constitute an effective exercise routine. Hence, simple activities like taking the stairs or strolling can also be helpful.

Regular exercise can also be helpful in boosting high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and decreases unhealthy triglycerides. This helps in putting some conditions and health diseases in check, such as high blood pressure. It also helps in decreasing your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Other health conditions that can be managed or prevented through regular exercise includes: metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, arthritis and many more. The benefit of regular exercise also extends to improving relaxation, which in turn can be very helpful in improving sleep, especially those suffering from insomnia. Exercise increases the body’s core temperature; when the body temperature drops back to normal after an exercise routine, it relaxes the body, which enhances sleep.

The relaxation nature that exercise helps boost, also helps in the reduction of stress; this is done by the increase concentration of norepinephrine, during an exercise section. Norepinephrine is a chemical that can moderate the brain’s response to stress. Stress is also reduced as a result of the release of endorphins during exercise. Endorphins create feelings of happiness and euphoria; this also means that exercise can be helpful for people suffering from depression or anxiety.

Generally, in chasing good health by engaging in regular exercise routines, you also get an additional benefit of having great looks; as exercise puts you in great shape both mentally and physically. This to a large extent can help boost self-esteem and improve self-confidence.

The health benefits of regular exercise is quite extensive; it will take some time to exhaust all of them in details. So bear in mind that anytime you engage in any exercise routine, you are doing some real ‘good’ by improving your health and general wellbeing.

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