About Us

CLITH is a non-governmental organization incorporated under the companies act, 1963 (Act 179); geared towards promotion of health and getting health services to groups and target communities. Founded by a team of health professionals, CLITH is envisioned to support efforts in achieving good health and well-being, goal 3 of the recently adopted SDGs.

The founders include Stephen, a medical doctor, Eugene, a nurse and psychologist, and Anthony, a social researcher, with a degree in Psychology. We strive to make good health a lifestyle that every individual would strive to achieve. We promote and educate on health and screen the general public; focusing on students, children, women and the less privileged.


“To be a model of  changing lives through health in Africa and beyond”


To provide new and innovative avenues to promote and enhance health as well as create awareness and screen all residents in Ghana and eventually Africa, for health conditions; and to delight our partners and stakeholders with an enthusiastic, selfless and empathetic professional volunteers who share the values of honesty and accountability in partnership with all stakeholders.