CLITH is a large family made of health professionals and other members from various fields, with the common aim of CHANGING LIVES THROUGH HEALTH. we however have Team Heads of our various divisions.



Dr. Noah is the head of the medical team at CLITH NGO. He is a highly esteemed medical doctor with the passion of reaching out to the less privileged in the society. His passion for this project intensified whiles he was in medical school at Shenyang Medical College, China, where he obtained his MBBS. His passions has been a major driving force for his engagement in outreaches and conferences on health care for the less privileged, both in China and Ghana, some of which he co-organized with his colleagues. He is currently working with the Ghana Health Services and also pushing the wheels of Changing Lives Through Health, by taking health care to the doorsteps of people. As head of medical team of CLITH, he brings to board a wealth of experience and passion, to make basic health care accessible to all.







Theophilus is the project coordinator of CLITH. He is a highly motivated individual who is tenacious about improving health and positively impacting the lives of underprivileged people. He had this urge prior to becoming a medical doctor and his passion further developed when he studied medicine at Jiangsu University in China.

He is a vibrant, versatile and confident individual who is extremely driven and highly enthused about his work. He is responsible for coordinating, consolidating and ensuring that programs and activities are implemented smoothly and successfully. He provides general support and guidance for planning of events as well as manages logistics and ensures security. Additionally, he implements policies that are projected to improve the visibility of the NGO and promote coverage to assist more people who are in dire need of health support.


img-20161130-wa0026GIFTY NANCY AKU HOEGAH

Gifty is pharmacist by profession, she holds a degree in pharmacy from one of the top universities in Ghana. Over the years, she has gained massive experience working for top multinational pharmaceutical organizations, such as; Luex Ghana Ltd and AstraZeneca Scientific.

Apart from being the head of CLITH NGO’s Pharmaceutical team, she is currently the administrator of SMC, a health facility located in the Kpone-Katamanso suburb of Tema Metropolitan Assembly, Ghana, which provides quality and affordable health services to the less privileged in the community. As one of the pillars of CLITH NGO, she heads a team of professional pharmacists; she brings a wealth of knowledge, drive and strategic ideas that goes beyond the pharmaceutical division of the Ngo, to the general administration of the NGO.

She is a young, energetic lady with great leadership and entrepreneurial skills. She is also a strong advocate for women and child development.She always strives to be better than she was yesterday, which serves as a major factor for her consistent growth and improvement.






Carl is the head of the CLITH NUTRITIONAL DIVISION, he is a nutritionist who has and continues to build stores of experience in the field of Nutrition and Health. He has specialties in the field of nutritional anthropometry, nutritional assessment, nutrition in HIV/AIDS and emergency situations, clinical nutrition (dietetics), nutrition throughout the life-cycle, nutritional epidemiology, food science, food economics, food biotechnology, food safety and hygiene and administration.

He is actively involved in nutrition and health promotion activities through Health Is Wealth programme on radio as well as in schools and the community. He plays a part in the practical training of students from UHAS, Nutrition and Dietetic Department especially and School of Public Health and other schools across the country.

Open-minded, dedication and versatility are the cutting edges of his personality. He is a dynamic self-starter, strong leadership drive and a team player in bringing change to the health of people.



Priscilla serves as the head of CLITH welfare team. She over sees all issues related to social work. She hold a degree in social work/sociology from one of the renowned universities in Africa; University of Ghana, Legon. Before joining CLITH NGO, she amassed a substantial amount of experience working with various NGOs across the country as a social worker. Apart from currently heading the welfare/social workers team at CLITH NGO, she works with the ministry of justice and attorney generals department.

Her drive to fight for the less privileged and her ability to organize exhibitions to promote healthy lifestyles, health awareness, and health screening programmes, earned her the position as a leader in CLITH. Her expertise has also furnished the organization, in terms of providing advice and support on every project. She also brings her expertise to bear in representing and communicating the interest and aim of CLITH, both internally and externally, to a diverse range of audiences. Her aim has always been to actively contribute to the building of a better world for the less privileged.