IMG_20170204_170829Dr Stephen AKITI

Stephen is a young medical doctor trained in the people’s republic of China with years of experience in medical outreach, screening, health education and community development. He is the Medical director for Bedrock outreach and missions, an organization which is determined to spread the gospel of Christ to every part of the World. He is also a teacher and trainer of children.

Stephen is passionate about health and national development and has the vision of changing lives through good health, he believes that when good health is achieved then development is inevitable.


Eugene Mr. Eugene E. TORNYEAVAH 

Eugene is a vibrant individual who is poised with the desire to see a change in the attitude of people toward life. With an honors degree in Applied Psychology (clinical) from the University of Delhi, India, Eugene is a motivator and an advocate of health and basic education. He also holds a Diploma in United Nations and International Understanding from IFUNA, Institute of UN Studies, New Delhi. With a professional Diploma in General nursing, Eugene`s understanding, practice and love for the art is impeccable.

Eugene formed and manages a bright initiative which aims at bringing skilled individuals together to discuss and find a way around promising ideas and lasting generational problems. As a health professional and social advocate, the idea of CLITH was an opportunity to team up with equally able personalities to Change Lives Through Health, thus the objective of this Organization.

Mr. Anthony Olubunmi DOGBEY

Anthony is a self-motivated individual, with a Psychology and Accounting educational background. He has extensive experience in working with individuals and organizations in the Academic and Business communities. His work at the University of Ghana computing systems; helping both students and staff solve pressing issues, and also helping in ICT training, has deepened his passion for helping people.

Anthony is an entrepreneur, and a Researcher and Design thinker at Notch360 Consult, a research outfit. To him being a core part of a movement to change lives is far worthy than all the wealth in the world.


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